by Shamir

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released March 9, 2018

mixed and mastered by Zack Hanni
recorded at Sounds Like Soma Recording Studios


all rights reserved



Shamir Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shamir is Shamir and remains Shamir through and through, no matter what the universe puts him through.


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Track Name: I Can't Breathe
gary selling loosies by the liquor store
didn't really mean no harm
but he was black and stood 6 foot 7
so the owner sound the alarm
he tried to comply with everything they said
cuz he knew he was breaking law
but when heard the sirens he started to run
and bullets was all he saw

and it started to go down
there was nothing but the sound of the officers
letting out some screams
then he opened his eyes gasping for air and the last thing he said on the scene
is I cant breathe
somebody help me please
i see the light
i think im gonna die

bobby went for a walk in the park
to play with his brand new toy
it was a plastic gun that popped like a sparkler
fit for a young little boy
but a neighbor got scared and called for help
with nothing but fear pulsing through
but failed to mention that he was all alone
so theres not much he can do

but the cop went off and sent 20 shots
and didn't even flinch or blink
but jury let him off, and bobby's mother scoffed
and the whole world watched her scream
I cant breathe
somebody help me please
i see the light
i think im gonna die
Track Name: Larry Clark
Chain smoke loose cigarettes
Drink everything to try to forget
wild child that belongs to the night
wondering if anythings ever alright
release your heart to anyone who would buy
but always feel cold and dark inside
and you feel lost and alone
down on your way into a rabbit hole

cuz im two feet in, and you're one foot out

Larry Clark's the one who loves me
he has a whole part of my heart
and when life feels so ugly
he lights me up when im feeling dark.

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